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Looking for a Motivational Speaker for your next event? Brandon Maye is a rising voice centered on hard work, faith, determination and perseverance. His unique style of catering his messages to fit the audience has made him one of the most sought after speakers for various areas including youth empowerment, panel discussions, athletic teams, non-profit events, schools, churches, and companies. Brandon is ready to step in and take your event to the next level


The players said this "We have had many speakers here at Clemson but Brandon Maye is by far the best speaker we have ever had!"
Coach Dabo Swinney, Head Coach, Clemson University Football Team
Brandon, I have just finished reviewing participant surveys from TADAA ~ Teen Alcohol and Drug Abuse Awareness one day workshop for high school students held on Thursday, September 25th at Bishop State Community College, with 19 high schools bringing over 200 participants. You received phenominal ratings, with many of the students saying you were the very best part of the entire day! Your passion and inspiration are truly a gift, but how very special that you choose to use this gift to spread your infectious passion to others, particularly young people. You fill them up, then challenge them to use this passion to do just what you have done - inspire their peers. Your delivery is captivating, presened in a way that is easy for young people to understand the message, then carry out the instructions - using real life stories. The high school plans presented were all creative and unique; filled with passion and inspiration to make their school, their world a better place. Thank you Brandon for being a part of this workshop - we are truly blessed.
Jean Downing, Drug Education Council
Brandon is a very humble young man who has allowed and continues to allow God to direct his path. His testimony is an inspiration to everyone who has ever been told that they "aren't good enough" or that their "dreams are unattainable". Brandon is truly a "diamond in the rough". I don't know too many young men his age who have the faith to understand that while man's final answer is "no", God has other plans to lead us exactly where we need to be. He makes the Clemson family very proud. I would definitely welcome him back to Charleston and recommend him to other groups.
Natikki Dawkins, Parent
Children may forget what you say but they will never forget how you made them feel." That's exactly what Brandon Maye did in my special needs classroom. This wasn't anything different, special or unique for Brandon because he is this guy everyday.. a spiritual leader and a person who touch the life of many every day. To my blind girl or autistic boy he made a lasting impression for a lifetime in these kids hearts. Many of my students have moved on since Brandon visit but even my students are begging to have Brandon speak at our school and taking pictures.
Lanie Craft, Teacher, Plain Elementary School
Brandon Maye spoke at our 14th Annual Legislative Open House as part of a powerful panel. His story was relatable and I enjoyed watching our students engage him. He spoke of faith, determination and hope which a lot of young people are trying to grasp a hold of. His charisma and quiet strength left an imprint on all who attended. We hope to have him back next year.
Lorreen R. Pryor, President, Black Youth Leadership Project
It's my pleasure and honor to know and be inspired by Brandon Maye. He's worked hard as a student, an athlete and now as a professional, leading the way for others to learn, grow and find their own way in life. I'm proud to call him a fellow Clemson University Alumn and Friend. Once a Tiger... Always a Tiger!
Heather Byrd, President Charleston County Clemson Club
Brandon came to Dodge Elementary School as a representative of the Senior Bowl and spoke to our fourth and fifth grade students about academics, setting goals, and staying focused. He let the students know that they can be successful no matter what obstacles they may have to overcome. Students were highly engaged in the presentation, and Brandon was very motivating.
Dr. Crist, Principal, Olive J. Dodge Elementary School

Meet Brandon

Mims Park Redskins Football Team
Thursday, August 28th, 2014 (6:30 pm),
Mobile, AL
Men's Conference
Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014 (6:30 pm),
Mobile, AL
University of Tennessee Chattanooga Men's Basketball
Sunday, September 7th, 2014 (TBA),
Chattanooga, TN

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